Welcome to Benninghoven, home of the Knights!

I am so excited to get the opportunity to partner with the amazing students, staff, and community that are the heart of this school. Being a Benninghoven Knight means gaining a sense of purpose, pride, and achievement in a safe and trusting environment. Our goal is that each student is a successful member of not only the educational world, but greater society.

Our beautiful building opened in the fall of 2017 and is home to almost 500 students, Pre-Kindergarten through Sixth Grade. Benninghoven stands on a foundation of tradition, commitment, and success for all students. We
welcome you to our Knights Family and are grateful to be a part of your students' educational journey.

Mission: A place where everyone pursues their greatness.

Vision: A community coming together for our kids.

Core Values:
1. Learning is our priority. We work to ensure that every child grows academically and personally.
2. This job is too big to do alone. It requires our entire community to collaborate. Everyone brings value to
the team.
3. We will model and expect respect in the way welisten, speak, lead, and receive interaction within the
school community.
4. Relationships are key to everything we do. Our relationships are built on trust and respect. We will treat every member of our community with dignity. We can disagree and preserve our relationships.
5. We know every child and their unique needs and use this knowledge to help students grow.
6. We will continue to grow and develop as educators and learners, remaining open to new opportunities. We will not be afraid to fail and will model resilience for students.

Anna Jensen
Principal, Rhein Benninghoven Elementary School